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Rodent Control

Rodent Control Services
Here in Memphis and the Mid-South we face huge rodent pressures. In the last year the population of roof rats has grown by leaps and bounds. If you hear noises in your attic, it may not be Squirrels! Mice and rats nest in great numbers right outside your home and could enter at any time, most often in the colder months. Rats and mice must then seek new food sources as cooler weather approaches and unfortunately, one of these sources may very well be your home. Mice are excellent climbers and are capable of gaining entry through holes around soffit vents and around cables entering the building through holes in gable vent screens, and through turbine and box vents on roofs. Even a minor rat infestation can significantly damage electrical wiring and result in a fire hazard. Rats carry a wide variety of diseases including Rat bite fever, Meningitis, Murine typhus, Hantavirus and several other potentially deadly diseases.